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My week on Twitter

* January 31 - February 6, 2016
* Janurary 24-30, 2016
* January 17-23, 2016

by J. Christian Andrews

Good or not, I suppose it is a matter of perspective, but I have become a sort of twitter nut. I've also started following quiet a number of blogs and posting readings I like or find useful to others and to me to twitter. Once in a while an article I tweet ends up in an online magazine what ever that means. Thus it is that I have decided to see if I can put up a list of my most significant twitter activity for each week.

Here are my links for January 31 to February 6.

* 8 Ways to Order Your Marriage
* Jenn Jacques Unveiled: The Basics
* This House Costs Just $20,000--But It's Nicer Than Yours
* Receiving Grace: A Father's First Calling
* 5 Lessons I've Learned after Five Years of Marriage
* Footprings in the sand
* No, Jesus Was Not a Socialist
* Pistols For First Time Shooters
* Love Outside Eden's Borders
* Composting 101 -- Tips To Make Easy Compost
* How To Create Super Soil For Garden Containers, Planters And Hanging Baskets!
* Bongino: Conservatism 301: The Existential Threats of Socialist Thinking
* Is a New Political Era Upon Us?
* Prioritizing Communication and Romance
* Pray for the Sheep
* Your 7 Job Responsibilities as a Church Member
* Counseling Wives of [Porn] Addicts
* Whoa... Doctor Links ADHD Diagnoses to Poor Parenting
* Dear Lord, Save Me from Greatness
* Evangelism by Procreation
* World Magazine Election Center 2016
* Stop Eating Like an Animal
* Is C. S. Lewis's "Liar, Lord, or Lunatic" Argument Unsound?
* 5 Things Cyclists Do You DidnŐt Know Are Perfectly Legal
* Confessions of a Former Date-Night Legalist
* One of the Most Original Books on Homosexuality in Years
* FRC Action 2016 Presidential Candidate Voter Guide
* Fashion Is What You Buy, Style is What You Do with it- Musings from the Man About Town
* Should Religious Leaders 'Get Political'? Yes, But...
* Run! Run Away!
* Just a 'parasite'? Cutting edge science shows fetal cells heal mother for life
* Happy Wife, Happy Life
* Helping One Another Forsake Sin and Follow Jesus
* Prepare to Die
* The Word, The Womb and You
* In-Your-Face Revival Prayer
* Praying the Psalms