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My week on Twitter

* January 17-23, 2016

by J. Christian Andrews

Good or not, I suppose it is a matter of perspective, but I have become a sort of twitter nut. I've also started following quiet a number of blogs and posting readings I like or find useful to others and to me to twitter. Once in a while an article I tweet ends up in an online magazine what ever that means. Thus it is that I have decided to see if I can put up a list of my most significant twitter activity for each week.

Here are my links for January 24 to 30.

* The Divine Justice of Humpty Dumpty (Psalm 2)
* A Prayer of Thanksgiving: For the Waves
* This Week In Weird Twitter, Volume 35
* Minnesota: Help Us Stop Rep. Kahn's Secret Gun Ban List!
* Bongino: Conservatism 301: The Left's Divide and Conquer Strategy
* The New Sexual World Order Is So Confusing
* You Can't Go Home Again
* a crutch for the weak
* I Was Conceived in Rape But I Didn't Deserve Death in Abortion
* Where Do Good and Evil Come From?
* This Is So Offensive
* The Top 10 (or so) Planned Parenthood Deceptions
* Why millennials are embracing socialism
* Where Muslim Dreams May Lead
* Under Our Skin
* The Big Chill: Hope for a Winter Season of Marriage
* Having Trouble in Ministry? Just Face It. Literally.
* Prescribing Hospitality for Growth in the Christian Life
* Identity and Destiny
* The FAQs: Grand Jury Indicts Filmmakers Who Secretly Recorded Planned Parenthood
* Yes, I Brainwash My Children And So Do You. So Do It Well
* 48 Scattered Thoughts about Pastoral Ministry and Being a Pastor
* Sex Abuse in the Church and Our Place in the Village
* To My Daughter: 7 Lies You MUST Not Believe
* Rubies & Sapphires-Sparkling Reminders of God's Judgment
* What Are You Looking At?
* Nikabrik's Candidate
* Care for One Another
* 7 Ways to Fight Distraction During Prayer
* 8 Apps Every Christian Should Consider Using
* The Most Important Ingredient to Improve Your Marriage
* Father Absence and A Sibling Society