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Ten Reasonable Biblical Expectations for Marriage

From A Celebration of Sex: A Christian Couple's Manual by Dr. Douglas E. Rosenau (Nashville, Thomas Nelson Publishers:1994)

1. Each of us will have a partner and soul mate offering unconditional love, understanding, and support. We will be best friends.

2. Neither of us will expect the other to meet all needs or take sole responsibility for personal happiness. We will give each other space to breathe.

3. We will leave our fathers and mothers and create a new, independent, special family unit.

4. We will have one healthy fight a week. Confrontations around our unmet personal needs will be believed and not dismissed.

5. We will take regular vacations and honeymoons throughout our marriage as we mend and enhance intimacy.

6. We will use credit carefully as we become wise stewards of our finances.

7. My mate will be faithful and committed to me.

8. Either of us will be able to initiate marriage counseling and the other will be willing to go.

9. We will have regular, satisfying sexual interaction.

10. We will enjoy a spiritual life together with prayer and Bible study.