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Saturday, July 11
Cousin Carla Anderson and her husband Dennis met us at the airport upon our arrival in Minneapolis. We spent the evening and Sunday morning with them. Also part of our visit were Janie and Bud (Frank Hauser's cousins).

Sunday, July 12
We went to church with Carla and Dennis and then to Kramarczuk's for buffet lunch. Naomi met us for lunch and then drove us to Little Falls. We had hoped to arrive for Debbie's birthday party, but we got stuck in accident traffic and were late.

We missed Tim and Ruth but did get to visit with Debbie.

We stayed at the Waller House Inn two nights. We enjoyed the accommodations of the Garnet room. Mom Joyce and Papa Bob were also there and stayed with us until Tuesday morning.

Tuesday, July 14
We left Little Falls around 11 for a 5:30 arrival at Ruth and Tim's in Warren. We spent the night with them and left for Floodwood mid morning on Wednesday.

Wednesday, July 15
We spent the night with Mom Joyce and Papa Bob in Floodwood.

Thursday, July 16
Susan went into town with Mom and Naomi to shop at Grandma's Attic while I painted the ceiling in Mom's kitchen. We left for Minneapolis after lunch.

We met Debbie at the Mall of America for dinner at Crave.

We spent the night at Debbie's, and she took us to the airport early Friday, July 17.

To Katie and Dave's Wedding