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by J. Christian Andrews

Here are my Twitter posted links for March 5 to March 12. These are blog posts (articles) I read this last week. Posting these links does not necessarily constitute an endorsement. On the other hand these are not all the blog post I read but only those I thought worth a continued conversation.

* Do Absolutes Really Matter?
* 10 Obscure Gospel Moments Most Jesus Films Miss
* Ronda Rousey's identity crisis
* The Debt Disease
* Safe, legal, rare: Lies we tell ourselves about abortion
* 2016 Minnesota State High School All Hockey Hair Team
* An Unlikely Missionary Candidate - David Livingstone
* Just Change the Rules
* What Makes a Christian Martyr Different from Other Faiths' Martyrs?
* Unevolved Thinking on Darwin Day
* The Politics of Porn
* Writers & Kings (Psalm 4)
* Honey, I Shrunk the Devil - Part 1
* The Best Christian Articles on Singleness, Dating, and Marriage
* What Life As A Transgender Woman Taught Me About Progressives
* A Sky Unsullied by Clouds: William Wilberforce gives hope to a 14 year old girl in pain
* The Prodigal Father
* American Colonial History: Clashing Cultures and Faiths
* Students, Sexual Sin, and Identity
* My Faith Votes
* All Wheat Pita Bread Recipe
* The NRA - Politics and New Gun Owners
* International Women's Day and the Women With No Names
* 35 Totally Random Life Hacks
* Ambushed by Beauty and Chicken Nuggets
* Conceived in Rape: Rebecca's Story
* If a practical Christian were to identify as an atheist...
* Top 5 Articles Written by Former Atheists That Reveal That God Exists
* The Pros and Cons of Abortion
* Christians, Yoga, Freedom and Discernment
* Did Moses edit Noah?
* The IRA Charitable Rollover Is Back! (And This Time ItŐs Permanent)